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Lost samples during long recordings
(08-04-2015, 04:07 AM)EIPStudiosOhio Wrote: For this type of project, I would have a hardware device, or even portable hardware field recording device to capture a 2-3 hour recording; as you may (almost guaranteed) have a hiccup that may result in losing your entire effort....

Outsource your recording, and bring it into AE later.  That's what I would do (and may do soon myself)

Thank you for your answer!
I have many years of recording practice (well, I'm a professional musician, not a sound engineer). I'm not making money with this, usually I do recordings as volunteer for myself or my friends :)
All my recordings for last 5 years were made with laptop. And I have to say, that with tablet and AE which I use for half a year, I never have any glitch during recording. For me, tablet and AE with Presonus work really better that my unpredictable Windows laptop (even tuned for audio, disabled any WIFI, LAN and so on) with the same gear (I use REAPER). Except the lost samples between splitted long clips. There is only one problem for me.

Could you recommend some device (hardware or field recorder) to capture 4-6 channels? Or it's better to change my laptop for the same price, because I think a lot of problems are going from hardware configuration with 2 graphic cards.

Thank you again, have a nice day!

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