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Lost samples during long recordings
That is a really good question, because I want something like that too..... I would even buy two of them, just to be able to do a field recording project on the fly, and eventually (when I get geared up for it) to be able to being such a project right into something like AE here, and just run the mix all on mobile gear.

Any device that can multi-track record at 16/44.1 is more than sufficient for me to work with..... I'll report back on this thread when I find something that may work for you.

Is your Presonus feature a tube-pre? If so, have you switched out the stock chinese tube(s) for Russian ones? I strongly prefer and recommend Russian JJ 12Ax7 (Au7's do well also for vocals) the dynamic response and smoothness of gain, to my ears, sound fantastic. I had a 3-gain stage pre I built using a pair of JJ Ax7 and one Au7 for a hammond organ clone and leslie 2101 (I rebuilt this one) I used to gig with, and the resulting tone was just stunning.

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