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Tidal Skipping
(11-23-2020, 12:10 PM)lex-ander Wrote: When listening to Tidal, UAPP routinely skips the last 15-30 seconds of a track, sometimes more than the half song, and moves to the next in the playlist. The problem has existed for months!

My Version is 5.8.6.

Hi, I have an almost identical problem. In my case UAPP simply stops playing the Tidal MQA tracks around 15-20 before the end of the track. It seemingly is random but it happens frequently. Afterward UAPP hangs and needs to be killed or the USB connector removed.  I have 2 DACS and it only occurs with one of the two: the SLSL M500 ! With the other (Denafrips ARES II) it never happens.  BTW: have the UAPP MQA plugin (for mobile use with my Dragonfly RED)

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