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USB Audio Player Pro with Hilidac Beam 2
Hi team,
I bought the Hilidac Beam 2 as it was presented as a  FULL MQA decoder + renderer.
When I connect it to my phone (Samsung Note 10 plus) seems that USB Audi Player Pro is doing the MQA unfolding as I can see MQA tracks move up to 88 or 96khz with a blue or green LED lit up. My question is why doesn't the below happen for my DAC:

When a DAC is detected that implements an MQA decoder (for example, the Meridian Explorer 2 or the DAC inside certain LG models), the MQA decoder inside USB Audio Player PRO is deactivated and MQA decoding is performed by the hardware. No green or blue led will be displayed in the app in this situation.

The reason I am asking is because I see some files in Tidal are 192khz but only gets moved up to a max of 96khz. Was wondering why my hardware DAC is not doing further unfolds.

Hope you can assist me with this

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USB Audio Player Pro with Hilidac Beam 2 - by jaymen - 01-10-2021, 04:03 PM

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