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USB Audio Player Pro with Hilidac Beam 2
(01-15-2021, 08:18 PM)dwrae Wrote: Because the Hilidac is a MQA renderer, not a decoder. The Hilidac does the rendering, but since the app cannot know to which samplerate, it shows the sample rate of the first unfold.

With the Tidal app on Android (10) and Tidal Desktop, the Beam 2SE renders MQA, as shown by the magenta light on the unit, yet with UAPP and Tidal MQA, no magenta light shows, indicating that rendering is not active. Furthermore (not UAPP's problem) I note that with Tidal app on Android (not desktop) all songs (not just MQA) now drop out frequently and there are constant annoying clicks. This tends to show that android is at fault, not the Beam. If UAPP would allow the Beam 2SE to render MQA, it would be perfect. Any suggestions as to how one would get the second unfold on UAPP?

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