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USB Audio Player Pro with Hilidac Beam 2
The offiical Tidal app uses the Android driver which cannot output bit-perfect, but upsamples everything to the highest rate of the DAC, which is 96kHz. If it's anything like the the Dragonfly's, the colors for 96kHz and MQA are very close to each other.

In order for the Hilidac to do MQA rendering, you need to buy the MQA decoder inside UAPP (if not already done) and enable bit-perfect. When the app is decoding MQA, you will see that by a blue/green led next to the MQA symbol and an output sample rate of 88.2/96kHz.

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RE: USB Audio Player Pro with Hilidac Beam 2 - by dwrae - 06-30-2021, 12:35 PM

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