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UAPP Showing as not compatible in Play Store on Pixel 6 Pro
(10-30-2021, 10:21 PM)dwrae Wrote: We have had several reports of the app not working with USB audio on the Pixel 6, that's why we excluded it from the Play Store. We reported the issue to Google but did not receive a response yet. Perhaps you can report the issue as well:
Just to let you know, I'm a long term UAPP user, currently combined with a Dragonfly Red and having very successfully installed it on my last two phones. I received my new Pixel 6 four days ago. As might be expected I'm disappointed to currently not be able to install it. Pleased to have quickly found this thread and I used the link to submit a demand to Google two days ago for them to urgently work with you to enable support. I haven't seen a response from them. Have they contacted you? Any progress??

Thanks in advance for your assistance, and also for UAPP which is excellent and clearly receives first-class developer support!

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