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headset plugged starts UAPP and others questions
(10-12-2015, 11:45 AM)CodeX Wrote: 3) there are no info about the tracks (e.g. bit rate, codec ..), or I wasn't able to find them ...

4) is there any way to hide some author/album from the list? For example, UAPP shows also my personal ringtones, recordings ... which is boring

cheers, Ste

The info is only displayed when playing the track.
We currently use the Android media database which puts every sound in the database it can find, we cannot change that. But we are working on our own database system where you should be able to select which folders are going into the database.

I'm afraid we won't solve your point 1 and 2. Please always use the back button from the main screen to exit the app properly and completely.

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