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UAPP auto release update stopped working
I have UAPP installed on a tablet that is only periodically connected to internet. In the past, when I connect to internet, UAPP auto updates properly. Lately, it has stopped doing so, giving me a message panel saying it cant authenticate (or something similar). Latest release is v5.9.9.5 on Samsung SM-T713 Device gts28vewifi24.
Nothing has changed in setup, so if it used to work, it still should.
UAPP auto release update still work fine on my phone (currently v6.0.6.8 on Samsung SM-G973U Device beyond1q29).
I dont really care about feature updates, but I seem to recall that UAPP will stop altogether if it cant authenticate after some amount of time. This would be disastrous, as I'm about to go on a 4 month camping trip where the tablet UAPP is my only source of music. Help?

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UAPP auto release update stopped working - by jeff.perkins - 04-20-2022, 10:54 PM

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