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How to play DSD (.DSF or ISO) from phone storage?

I have looked but cannot find the solution to my specific issue:

UAPP will not recognise any form of DSD file (either .DSF, .DFF or .ISO) that is stored on either my phone's memory or SD card. It does recognise DSD files from a "Network" location.

My phone is a Moto G 5G Plus, I am using a Hidizs S9 Pro DAC.

My phone can see the files on my phone and SD card via the native file manager app, but UAPP cannot. I am able to play all PCM files (16-32bit, 44.1-768KHz) with no problems and can also play DSD files from my NAS (Synology), but UAPP will not even show the files on my phone's storage let alone play them.

Am I missing a setting?


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How to play DSD (.DSF or ISO) from phone storage? - by ePenguin - 07-10-2022, 04:35 AM

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