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Massive Slowdown / Lock-up of the App due to "More Albums by [Artist]" section
I have a FiiO X5iii, running Android 5.1.1. It's got a whopping 1 GB of RAM, I know.

This didn't use to be an issue, because I was able to install the app via GP Store, wait a day, ensure 24h period of license validation elapsed, and then run the app with these services frozen. Ever since just prior to version 6, that went out the window. This way of actually using the app I paid for was rendered moot. Ever since then performance of the app has gone down the sh**ter. Not just because my device is "OLD" and can't handle running the overblown/bloated GP store/services packages on top of UAPP, but because UAPP's developments have made usability suffer in far worse ways.

If I use "Various Artists" album artist tag for compilation albums, soundtracks, etc., these albums are accordingly lumped into "Various Artists" entry on my Album Artist list.

If I click any one of those albums under that album artist entry, this immediately locks up and freezes the app (while it tries to load that album's track listing)


Because when you drill down to an Album Artist's (or regular Artist, perhaps) album, and are actually on the Album itself, scroll past the tracklist, you have down at the bottom a "more albums by [Artist]" section.

The duration of freezing/locking up that UAPP undergoes, is directly related to the number of ADDITIONAL albums you may have by that artist.

So for entries like "Various Artists" or any artist where I have a multitude of albums by that one artist, the process of populating this "more albums by [Artist]" section bogs down the app.
This does NOT happen for entries that are the ONLY ALBUM by a given artist, it is DIRECTLY CORRELATED with the number of additional albums by that artist.

I really think this "more albums by [Artist]" functionality to be replaced with an option to OMIT or INCLUDE IT.

I went from being able to use the app smoothly and without hiccups (once GP store apps processes could be frozen after license validation), to being forced to run the app alongside google's bloated software, and then developments/functionality forced on users that actively hurt performance with no consideration to those users on more stripped-down hardware. Limiting "animations" was one step towards getting the app to work on slower devices, but maybe it would behoove the developer to consider stripping back unnecessary features, or at least test them on such devices. I paid for this app when it was usable, it's been downhill ever since.

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Massive Slowdown / Lock-up of the App due to "More Albums by [Artist]" section - by WitzyZed - 07-24-2022, 10:37 PM

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