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Massive Slowdown / Lock-up of the App due to "More Albums by [Artist]" section
Sadly, this isn't fixed. As much as I hoped you'd fixed it, this did quite frankly nothing to help the situation. It's plain to see here:

"More albums by [artist]" section is STILL slowing down the app.

ONCE AGAIN, LET ME SPELL THIS OUT FOR YOU. Since you're inclined to push out meaningless updates it's pretty much necessary at this point.

If I am so inclined to go and view more albums by some artist, it's literally THE PREVIOUS MENU. All you should have to do is press your device's on screen back button (or gesture) and you'll go back to...wait for it...THE PREVIOUS MENU WITH ALL ALBUMS BY THAT ARTIST. It doesn't need to be so gosh darn complicated.

I recorded that video of my device nearly ten minutes ago, and it's still locked up/frozen as shown at the end.

As soon as one scrolls to the end of the tracklist where this "More albums by [Artist]" section would appear, the app freezes.

Get. Rid. Of. It.

The app was perfectly usable back in versions prior to and it's been trash ever since.

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RE: Massive Slowdown / Lock-up of the App due to "More Albums by [Artist]" section - by WitzyZed - 04-12-2023, 02:20 AM

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