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Massive Slowdown / Lock-up of the App due to "More Albums by [Artist]" section
(04-12-2023, 01:37 PM)dwrae Wrote: We have never seen such an issue. What was fixed was the slowdown when you open an album because there was a nested scrollview involved (the tracks and the horizontal scroll view of related albums). If you have an album with many tracks, this would mean that all the tracks would be 'drawn' internally which caused the slowdown between the tap on the album in the albums list and the display of the album view itself. We measure this on a X5iii and in 6102 we got similar performance again to 5.x.

What the video shows is an entirely different issue. Does this problem also occur on albums that do not have other albums from the same artist?

Regarding the video above: I cycled through the albums by that artist (I have a near complete discography of Muse so this is an extreme example, but album artist categories like Various Artists can have similar number of albums). That particular album has only ten songs. Not a particularly egregious track count, there.

Prior to the most recent "fix" the app would lock up device as soon as album was picked from the album artist's album(s) list. The tracklist would not even appear. Now the tracklist appears but as soon you get to the last track, after which the "More Albums by [Artist]" horizontal scrollview would be populated, the app locks up there, now. If the user interacts with the device while it's loading them, it will lock up. Since I know it's coming, if I avoid any additional inputs, they will eventually load (a little under 30 seconds later).

See here (video clip)

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