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Android 13 support?
(12-03-2022, 06:09 PM)dwrae Wrote: For use with USB DACs it is never an issue. The issue was only for internal audio.

I was not able to get USB Audio Player PRO to recognise that a line input was plugged into a JSAUX USB C adapter connected to a Samsung S22 running Android 13.  USB AUdio Player PRO did show the message that it could see something plugged into the USB C port but then said that it did not see any input device.

I have previously found that if a headset (with both earphone and miicropohone) is plugged into the JSAUX adapter on this phone everything works normally - but if only a separate microphone is plugged in it is not recognised.

There does seem to be a problem with Android 13 not recognising microphones via the USB C port.

I wonder if you have had any separate microphone working via the USB C port on an Android 13 phone - and if so please tell me which adapter you used.

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