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Playlist issue with FiiO M11 Plus LTD
(03-07-2023, 12:56 PM)dwrae Wrote: Before we will look at the log file, what happens if you select Folders, then browse to the folder containing the M3U file and tap on it? So, not using Library, but Folders?

It shows the Parsing Playlist counter, but doesn't ask to create a playlist.  The Library and Playlist views are empty.  Back in the Folder view, adding M3U to the Queue creates a single entry with M3U file name, but no tracks.  Clicking on this entry gives a failed to play message.

I manually created a playlist directly on the FiiO while in UAPP, exported it to an M3U, switched to Folder view, found the M3U and clicked it.  I got a Parsing Playlist counter, then a list of the tracks in the M3U file, but no request to save the playlist.  As long as I stay in the Folder view, the tracks can be played individually from the list, each can be added to the queue, and all show in and can be played from the queue when switching to the Queue view.  However, leaving the Queue view erases everything from all views until using the Folder view to find the M3U file again.

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