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Qobuz, or greater incorporation of bubbleupnp
Please read this as I am sure based on my research that this is reasonable.

I have recently aquired a Nexus 5X which I would love to double as my portable hi-fi player (inconjunction with an ifi iDSD nano and iCAN nano stack).  However, the largest storage capacity available with the N5X is 32GB with no SD slot.

The simplest solution of which I am aware is to stream from a server (I am largely on WiFi).  I have been going through the cumberson process of connecting to my home VPN, then accessing my NAS through an SMB share that I load in USB Audio Player Pro.  I came across the BubbleUPnP app for android and discovered that it will serve up not only local files, but also files stored on a number of popular file hosting site.  In addition, it will also access purchases and streaming from Qobuz and Tidal.

I can access the server in USB Audio Player Pro, but--as I understand it--the lack of rendering capability of UPnP in USB AP Pro makes it impossible to access stream from Google Drive, OneDrive, Qobuz, or Tidal.  I was first going to suggest that this be implemented, but after thought my suggestion is this:

Implement access to web servers directly into USB AP Pro--and even better for me--Implement the Qobuz API into USB AP Pro so that I could sign in and access all of my streaming subscription.

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Qobuz, or greater incorporation of bubbleupnp - by ryanfu - 10-30-2015, 06:27 PM

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