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Keyboard Shortcuts on Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

I recently bought a Bluetooth keyboard for my Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1.  The keyboard shortcut functionality in Audio Evolution Mobile was one one of my main reasons for getting the keyboard. It's rather awkward, I have found, trying to record whilst using on-screen buttons.

Sadly, I have noticed that some of the shortcut buttons don't seem to work as they should.

I cannot use Shift+Spacebar for Stop on this device, as that key combination brings up a language dialogue box - and has no functionality in Audio Evolution.

The U for undo shortcut seems quite sporadic.  Sometimes it works - usually it doesn't. As another post in this forum mentions - it certainly won't work when trying to undo a recording (despite the on screen undo button working perfectly under these circumstances).  I have found, however, that it seems also not to work quite often during normal usage - I cannot find a common cause - it is seemingly random.

On my device, the F keys do not seem to function in Audio Evolution as they are supposed to.  F1 scrolls through the screens (operating the on-screen Next button).  F2 to F4 do nothing at all.

The above are all the bugs I have found with the keyboard shortcuts.  In addition, I'd like to add a request for a metronome On/Off toggle as a keyboard shortcut.  Having to stop the playback, open the transport dialogue and tick the box is all a bit of a faff for such a common task.

Thanks for a great app - being able to record and multitrack on my tablet is fantastic, and Audio Evolution looks set to become a superb tool.  I hope at least some of the above issues can be addressed.

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Keyboard Shortcuts on Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 - by IanJTurner - 11-19-2015, 10:02 PM

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