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(02-26-2016, 07:48 PM)unsound Wrote: First and the app/daw guys, it really is awesome! Works great with my new Line 6 Sonic Port VX.

Long time Reaper user here, but I seem to be having problems understanding how the fx send system works. I understand how it typically works but what I think is the right way to set it up, a few different attempts, just doesn't seem to be working.
Any input would be awesome.......
Hi! To use FX send, firstly from the main page tap the top-right Next button twice to reach the Master and Bus channel page. Add a bus, give it a suitable name. Then insert the FX of your choice into this bus channel. Then go back the main page. Open the FX send section of the track you want to deal with. Tap the button with a sign like ---. From the options, select the bus channel which you have created. Done. Use the slider below the button with --- sign to control Send level.
Hope this helps.


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