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Android TV Box with Audio Player Pro
(04-16-2016, 11:52 AM)Henkg Wrote: Hi all,

Audioplayer Pro is a FANTASTIC App, I use it on my Samsung Phone and Samsung Tablet, without any problems and very good audio Quality.

I also want to use it in a stationary setup, I now use a PC with Jriver and external DAC, the same DAC works fine with the Samsung gear.

Does Anybody have experience, or know if  Audioplayer Pro works on an Android TV Box with Android 4.4 and higher?

You can find several of these units online, and the most of these units have 3 standard USB ports, and one OTG port.

Best Regards,


Hi Henkg
I have Audio player pro running on a cheap MXQ pro 4k box and it is brilliant. My hifi player is a Pioneer N50 into an M-Dac that I have been using for the past 4-5 years and I can say that the quality of the MXQ with audio player pro is easily as good if not better than the Pioneer!
It's not so easy to install though as on the play store Audio player pro is listed for mobile phones only, so you will get the dreaded "your device is not compatible" error, to get around this you need to install an app called "Market Helper" which spoofs play store into thinking your streamer box is a mobile phone, then you can install Audio player pro and control it using BubbleUPNP app via a tablet and your away.
Regards to all Pete.

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