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roughly the 1st second of every track is fading in
(04-28-2016, 10:59 AM)dwrae Wrote: Because we sometimes talk with the vendor. They fade in the sound when the USB alt setting is changed. Normal music players use the regular Android API which keep one USB alt setting. UAPP returns to USB alt setting 0 after stopping playback as recommended by the USB specification to release USB bandwidth and possibly save power.
We would need to add an option to start playback one second later but you can imagine that this has lower priority because this is very specific to the Chord (there are tens of DAC vendors) and not our fault.

Thank you for taking the time to explain the situation in detail. Cool  I just took delivery of my Mojo and I noticed this ahem, "undocumented feature"... .

I'd been using UAPP happily with my LG G4 (Marshmallow) & Audioquest Dragonfly Red without any hitch so I was a bit concerned when I noticed the fade-in. Worse, hitting the "rewind" button sometimes causes a "pop" (?) sound that with high-isolation IEMs can give you a jolt...  Tongue

FWIW, it's not limited to DSD conversion, but to all types, including plain vanilla 16bit/44K redbook CD WAV files.

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