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roughly the 1st second of every track is fading in
(06-30-2016, 04:45 PM)Travelller Wrote: ...could you please also build in such an option for Windows (7 Enterprise)?  Tongue I was shocked to note the same issue with my office's workstation. I am 98% sure it doesn't happen with my private Notebook running Win 10 (will triple-check tonight).
Checked! Windows 10 does not "trigger" the fade-in. I use all the same options from the Playback\Properties tabs so it's not like the user can toggle this. Apparently W7 and W10 handle it differently or at a minimum, have different internal defaults for (USB-)audio processing... .

EDIT: Never mind... It started off without fade-in and eventually something changed and now I have the fade-in with Windows 10 as well...  Confused
I was toggling between 16b44K and 24b96K as I have PCM files in both formats. I wanted to avoid any re-sampling by Windows. Unlike UAPP, Windows standard options only allow for a fixed rate. So maybe the change to the Bit and Sample rate caused Windows 10 (and 7) to trigger Mojo's Fade-In "protection mechanism"... .

I give up  Tongue At least UAPP has all the options I need  Cool
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