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can't hear playback after purchasing USB audio license
Hello I have just purchased the app after having tested the demo version and checking that it worked fine on my phone. I am using a Meizu m2 Note, with Android 5.1, and a Fast Track Pro soundcard.

While using the paid app without the USB audio license yet paid for, things were working fine, I could record and playback and monitor other tracks while I recorded a new one. Then I got a pop up message saying I needed to make a new payment for the USB audio license if I wanted to save the recordings which was a bit annoying (my falut, I guess I hadn't read the small print when buying the app), but seeing that it was working well I decided to make the second payment. But to my surprise , once the license was activated I could no longer hear playback of the tracks neither when just playing nor when playing and recording a new track.

Is this a bug or is there a way to activate the playback again? I would love to be able to use this program instead of having to ask for a reimbursement....รง

Thank you for your help,


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can't hear playback after purchasing USB audio license - by musicisblack - 05-06-2016, 02:29 PM

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