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can't hear playback after purchasing USB audio license
(05-06-2016, 04:22 PM)dwrae Wrote: The "Fast Track Pro" is flagged as a 'problematic' device in our compatibility list, so I'm not entirely surprised. Purchasing the license or not makes no difference whatsoever to whether it will play or not though. The loop browser preview always plays the sound through Android so that's not surprising either.

Do you power the fast track pro by its own power supply? Have you tried both listening through the fast track pro's line outs and headphones output? Is the Mix control set to 12 o' clock (or pb) and the Output level turned up?

It seems like it could be related to the power supply ( I don't have the fast tracks supply) because I charged my phone up a bit and voila, playback was sounding. I'll have to get a transformer... is there any list  of problematic issues with the fast track pro so I can read through it to be prepared for future problems?

Thanks for everything

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