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audio recording Steinberg UR22mkII and "glitch"
Hello all !

I've rooted my nvidia shield K1 marshmallow following this (excellent) tutorial:

I've authorized AEM in SuperSU for root access

I've activated the "tweak" option for rooted system and the "noise" is still here...

it appear at 30scds and after, each 45 scds...

i think that the steinberg UR22 mkII USB audio interface isn't really optimized with AEM.

I've tried differents settings but always the same problem...

Anyway, without the USB sound card (with the nvidia shield standard audio output), i haven't any "noise interference" should be the opposite
Thanks a lot for your reply

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RE: audio recording Steinberg UR22mkII and "glitch" - by nicoxnoise - 06-02-2016, 11:01 AM

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