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Network Failure - Network name cannot be found
(08-11-2016, 01:49 AM)outofyourhead Wrote: I deleted the USBAPP app data and cache.
That cleared the network folder list.
I then added the network folders without a problem.

I see now how you can edit and manage the network folders, but before since I only had one network folder entered, when I hit the back button, I kept getting the error message.

So I couldn't get back to the "top" level that shows me the list of network folders. That's why I couldn't edit or delete the entry.

I had the same problem. I eventually deleted the previous server profile and re-created a new one.

My problem now is I can't connect to my new server. My previous server was based on OpnemediaVault (running on Raspberry Pi)and I had no problems connecting to via USB Audio Player Pro. However, I had to change my server based on OpenmediaVault to one running Windows IoT 10 (on a raspberrrypi again).

Despite my setup is a lot more stable and accessible from all other LAN computers now, I haven't got to connect to it from my Android phone.

Is there anything I'm missing? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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