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Network Failure - Network name cannot be found
(09-12-2016, 10:24 AM)dwrae Wrote: ok, did you start the address with smb:// like smb://192.168.x.xx ?

Yes, exactly.

One one occasion I started the address with smb://192.168.X.XX, on another I added ''sharename'' according to the server created on the above video (smb://192.168.X.XX/sharename) and one third try, I tried smb://rpinas//sharename and smb://rpinas.

The strange thing is that I have no problem to connect to the server from 2 other computers running windows in my LAN. However, accessing my server from USB Audio Player Pro is one of the main reasons I created this server in the first place and would be very nice to have this ability!

I wish I could stay with OMV with which I had no problems with USB Audio player Pro but unfortunately, that's not an option, at least with my current setup.

Thank you very much for all your help! I really appreciate it and by the way, USB Audio Pro is by far the best Android Audio Player  have used that allows audio from external USB DACs.

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