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Snow noise/ White noise interrruption
(12-27-2016, 11:44 AM)sivakrdy Wrote:
(12-24-2016, 05:15 PM)dwrae Wrote: The Android audio system probably tries to play a sound, but only one driver can be active at a time, which can lead to noise bursts.

Well the android recognized the USB audio device, but could not play through that with its default software or any any other music software (jetaudio for ex). The DAC just works with USB audio player pro. So will the android be attempting to play? If it is then how to switch off the android audio system and resolve the noise?

The noise is like "Krrrrr" like a signal lost in television with antennas or like a electric spark at a medium pitch. it lasts less than a second, but feels very interrupting. Also these noise bursts are there only when the screen is on. why is that so?


I have an OnePlus3 with Android 8.0.0 and the latest USB Audio player PRO version and connected a Audioquest Dragon Red USB DAC and am listening to the HiRes / MQA files from Tidal.
I experienced the same problems as outlined in the previous posts. The USB DAC seems to work properly, as the light of the USB DAC indicates that it is playing mqa-files.
I was not able to really narrow down the problem. For example I experience the problem in almost every song when listening to the Album "Camino" by The Black Keys. On the other hand it almost works perfectly fine, when listening to "The Getaway" by "Red Hot Chili Peppers". Often it appears during the first few seconds of the playback.

Any ideas? Is that due to some hidden setting in Android?

Thanks for your help

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