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Questions regarding TIDAL integration (and Google Play Music)
Hello there,

I'm a new user, having received a Dragonfly Red over the holidays to use with my S7 Edge.  A few questions:
  • I just subscribed to TIDAL (since I can't seem to find any way to integrate with Google Play Music, my current provider, is there a way???).
  • It seems that TIDAL defaults to 320 for streaming, is there a way to do the HiFi FLAC streaming?  And if not, then I suppose there's a limited value in having a HiFi subscription?

Ideally I'd be looking for Google Play Music integration, since it integrates perfectly with voice command in my car and I've been a user for a long while.  But if I have to go TIDAL, then at least I want to stream HiFi.  So, any help would be appreciated!


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Questions regarding TIDAL integration (and Google Play Music) - by dashto - 12-28-2016, 05:32 PM

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