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Navigation problem in ver 3.3.7
I'm using UAPP ver 3.3.7 with a Samsung galaxy note 3, streaming music from a foobar2000 server insatlled on my PC.
It seems that ver 3.3.7 has introduced a bug in the navigation.
When I press the orange button in the main screen, I get the playback queue. That's OK.
Then, before ver 337, I just had to press the "return" button as many times as necessary in order to climb on top of my folders and browse through them.
With 337, instead, when I press the "return" button, I'm sent back to the main screen (I mean the playback queue, fading into the cover art) !!
And if I try to press the "return" button from this screen, it asks me if I want to exit...
So what ? How can I browse my folders again ?
Thanks for your answer.
(Anyway, apart from this inconvenience, I do appreciate UAPP very much, and I congratuale your team for the work being done) 
JL Charrier

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