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Navigation problem in ver 3.3.7
(01-18-2017, 11:42 PM)dwrae Wrote: Not here. Note that if you press the Orange button, you won't see the playback queue. The playback queue is on the main screen where the orange button is.
Can you reproduce it? And do you see the text 'Folders' on top after you pressed the orange button?

Yes, it happens every time (since 337).
When I'm in the main screen, if i press the orange button, I'm sent to a screen with a list of music folders. On top are the words "UPNP/DLNA servers".
When in this screen, pressing the "return" button sends me back to the main screen (nevertheless, in the between, another screen has appeared, but only during a FRACTION OF SECOND. I guess it's also a list of folders, but i'm not sure, because it is too fast).
Then, from the main screen, pressing the orange button gives a list of music folders. These folders are one level above the previous ones. This is a god thing, but I don't understand why I had to go through the main screen in order to reach my goal.
Each time I want to get one level up in my folders hierarchy, it's the same story.
It spends twice as many clicks as necessary, and it is counter intuitive.
I hope these explanations help.
Thanks for your attention

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