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only one request at the moment.
(08-01-2015, 08:58 AM)derrtiblu Wrote: Multi- pressor weather a tone booster plugin or not.  the best thang missing for this mobile set-up is multiple tempo adjustment. Sure!!! time stretch, sure!!! multiple time signatures.  Sure!!!! 
a better smoother way two work with loops in the editing developin' process sure!!!

But for the level of basic mastering level for mobile production...... multi-pressor stands above all. 

Cause u have aux bus. I'm less understanding how it works. But i'm interested in tutorial videos coming out in the future for this app.

I'd love to have this too! I think ToneBoosters would do a good job with multi-band compressor.  The ToneBoosters compressor and Barricade limiter sound good. I think they could do it!

They have something like that for VST:

There's separate dynamics processing for each frequency they would need to port it over to work with AudioEvolution on Android. I'd buy it!

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