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Media Box => UAPP => High End stereo amp
Hi, i'm an "old school" hifi fan (stereo playback only, no display available for devices, preferring physical media). As i could neither find a universal disc player meeting my requirements (no need for a display / support of special formats/containers / gapless playback / DSD over PCM / good firmware support), nor a hifi hdd player with similar features (same problems), i'm finally transferring my complete disc collection to computer files (mostly lossless encoding) and in good hope that current Android media TV boxes (e.g. Himedia Q10 pro, Egreat A10, Zidoo X10) will do the job perfectly ==> read and decode/play from local hdd, sending full 16/24 bit PCM audio (up to 192kHz) OR DSD64 (SACD iso) as DSD over PCM via digital link to a stereo integrated amp.

This amp has several SPDIF opt/coax inputs, AES/EBU input, ethernet and a USB slave input (USB 2.0, type B socket). For USB there is a PC Windows driver in order to use the amp as a high end soundcard (i.e. USB audio class supported i guess). It will reclock digital input data (up to 24/192 PCM or DSD64 over PCM) for DA conversion.

Sorry for the lenghty introduction ... and finally my questions:

a) Will UAPP manage to establish a bit perfect connection for audio data from hdd to amp? (I know, you cannot correct bad hardware implementation of a media box)

b) Some box manufacturers state they have USB host interfaces (type A socket) => then a USB printer cable (type A => type B) will be sufficient (i.e. no need for OTG cable)?

c) Do you or the Android audio system support other kind of links than USB (e.g. SPDIF coax) for full range audio transmission (it's hard to get a manual for these boxes)?

d) Can i control the box completely (UAPP runs on box, no display) via remote app for tablet/smartphone (e.g. Himedia Hicontrol)?

e) HDCD - i know, the format is quite dead and even Microsoft's own WMP software player does hardly support the complete standard - any chance for full standard playback (e.g. at extra cost as there has to be a license - ignoring hdcd.exe, foobar2k hdcd plugin etc.) via UAPP?

Best regards, Ecki

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Media Box => UAPP => High End stereo amp - by Ecki - 06-28-2017, 11:57 PM

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