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Media Box => UAPP => High End stereo amp
I purchased both Himedia Q10 pro (upgraded to Android 7, FW 2.0.4; ca. 1 TB of music on local hdd) and UAPP (3.6.5). The System connects successfully to a Devialet Expert 200 amp via USB.

Stupid question: How can i access UAPPs Settings? E.g. there are no gui elements in the upper right corner of the playback pane (drop down list upper left with database, directories etc. is present).
There seems to be no way to select all those fine entries like DoP, bit perfectness etc. ?!?

[EDIT Sep. 12]

Also at futeko...
(see post no. 2)

The gui elements for speaker volume and settings you can find on screenshots taken from mobile devices are not present on Himedia screen (neither via HDMI/TV nor via Himedia remote app -  both need landscape orientation). In addition, the Himedia remote/control app places a set of 3 buttons firmly on the right border of the screen, thus covering the UAPP button for returning from playback screen.

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