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Looping With USB Audio Device Attached Bug - android
Hi everyone!  Rolleyes  I am glad to be a new member of this forum; I registered yesterday; I love the idea of multi-track recording on an android device!

I have unfortunately discovered that when I loop a part and have any USB audio / midi device attached and enabled in AEM, the playback glitches at the end of the first loop; then the 2nd loop is silent. All following loops play back normally.

This happens so far with any attached USB audio device. If I have a USB midi keyboard attached, I cannot play along normally after the 1st loop - it only plays very short truncated notes.

Please see the youtube video I uploaded today: [/url]Audio Evolution Mobile Looping Bug - android. An edit is in progress to rotate the video; please excuse the sideways view if you see it before the rotation is completed.
Can anyone replicate this bug? I truly hope no one else has it! But can anyone otherwise help on this troublesome little problem?


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Looping With USB Audio Device Attached Bug - android - by rpms - 01-28-2018, 02:31 AM

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