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Looping With USB Audio Device Attached Bug - android
(01-28-2018, 06:58 PM)rpms Wrote:
(01-28-2018, 03:00 PM)Ray007 Wrote: Hello Randy, welcome to the forum. I'm a fan of AEM and thankful to the developer for giving Android users an option to make studio grade recording on their mobile phones.
I tried to replicate your issue. Imported an audio loop into an empty project, added a USB MIDI track and recorded a few notes on it. Started loop playback. First pass, both the tracks played fine. From the second pass onwards, the USB MIDI track went silent! Sorry I could not notice if there was any audio glitch. But there is definitely some problem with loop playback, although the problem I faced were perhaps a little bit different from yours.

Thank you Ray007 for trying to reproduce this bug!

Yes, your experience is a little different, with the silence for all loops after the first one; but as you say, there is a definite problem with loop playback.

But now in order hopefully for the developers to tackle this loop trouble, could you try the same project without any USB audio device attached and enabled in AEM? Without anything attached, the loop plays fine in my case and I wonder if it will for yours.


Hi Randy! In my case it's happening even without my USB MIDI device attached! Today sometimes, the MIDI track, which is going silent during the second pass of the loop, is coming back to life during the third pass and then is dying suddenly during the fourth pass!
A very strange bug!
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