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Buying new phone - looking for recommendations
(06-06-2018, 08:23 AM)chrism Wrote: In my opinion Google pixel 2 would be a better choice.It is different from the original pixel in a majority way.The lack of a headset jack offloads the headset out capability to a USB Dac in the supplied dongle.Although at first sight it is disappointing to most,on further thought it has some advantages.You don't need to upgrade a phone because  the audio is better on a newer model just upgrade the dongle instead.So I think Google pixel is the better one.

Thanks for the input chrism. I did go ahead and buy the Pixel 2 XL about a month ago and it's the best phone I've bought from Verizon. It had almost no bloatware on it and the little there was could be uninstalled. The phone has a good shape for holding despite its large screen. The sound out of the box is great, no need for Viper4Android which I've been using in the past. It sounds good over Bluetooth into my Anker Soundbuds Curve and a Dennison GW500 in my car. Also sounds good with the supplied DAC dongle into Shure SCL 5's. The battery life is great, especially in that having the screen on doesn't slam the battery. 

AEM runs great on it.


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