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Huawei P20 Pro "Error starting playback!"
(10-20-2019, 05:57 PM)Samael Wrote: I have the same issue with my P20 and a FiiO Q1, they see each other but i get the Playback error msg...
Is this a Huawei issue?
Can it be fixed? Tried almost every setting and the 'Prevent USB audio routing' suggested above.

I hape the P20 pro and FiiO Q1 II - it works perfectly with UAPP.

How have you got it configured?

What EMUI version are you on, im on the latest EMUI 10.0.0 (version

however with my "non-otg" DAC (the small dongle/adapter type DAC with a Realtek ALC4050) that does not work. It finds it but then gives the same "Error Starting Playback!"

I think the issue is with non-OTH devices because the app is looking for a host mode device.

For the non OTG adapter i find "PowerAmp" app works with it. but it doesnt have an "exclusive/bit perfect" mode, but is stil la good music player.

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