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Playback rate to fast
I recently made a video of my duo, I recorded the Audio via a Behringer umc404hd, the monitor output went into the microphone jack of the camera and audio evolution mobile recorded on a Samsung s7 via USB 4 audiotracks. The Camera recorded in 48kHz and 16 bit, Audio Evolution in 48kHz and 24 bit. In Reaper I put everything together, synced the audio to the video, and discovered, that the audio playback from the Audio Evolution Mobile tracks where slightly to fast, after a few minutes the playbacks was off by a few milliseconds. So I put the playback rate to 99,9879% and everything was fine. Does anyone know why Audio Evolution recorded to fast?

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Playback rate to fast - by Tomtk - 07-17-2018, 03:30 PM
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