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Loud ‘Pop’ noise occurred when switching from DSD to PCM
(03-29-2019, 11:01 PM)dwrae Wrote: Usually, the DX3 pro does not even work when switching between DSD and PCM, unless you enable 'Free USB bandwidth after playback', so I assume you already have that turned on? That option has a higher chance on popping sounds though.

No I didn’t enable ‘Free USB bandwidth after playback’. I’ve tried another portable FiiO Q1mk2 DAC and same issue occurred. This only happened when I switch manually tracks from DSD to PCM or vice-versa during playback. I think momentarily switching between PCM to DSD or vice versa may send the ‘wrong’ data initially at the start; this may cause the USB DAC thinking it is receiving PCM (all ‘0’) but for DSD, all ‘0’ is maximum negative voltage, this may cause a momentary loud ‘Pop’ sound.

Every time I’ve lower down the volume control of the DAC when switching DSD to PCM or vice versa. This is quite annoying. The loud pop sound can also cause ear damage if the volume is turned too high. Hope you can reproduce this issue and have a fix. Thanks

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