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Playlists Problem
That's a difficult question. Basically, playlists are not meant to be moved to another computer.
Let's say on Windows, your playlist is in C:/Users/username/Music/MyPlaylist.m3u and points to tracks in folders like
C:/Users/username/Music/Album1/Track1 and
Now you copy that playlist to a Linux system which has a totally different file system. Let's say you put it in the Music folder. The Music folder name on Linux is something like:
and let's say you put the tracks from the original C and F harddisks into the Music folder or another folder. Perhaps you can start to see why there is an end to what apps can do to use playlists from other systems.

That being said, the app of course does its 'best' to search for the tracks in the playlists. The biggest chance is that you keep the tracks and playlists in a relative position to each other like they were on your PC. Of course, in the above example, the F: drive tracks would fail.
But if your original tracks and playlists were in the same folder structure on your PC and you keep this folder structure when copying to your Android device, UAPP will have more chance in finding the tracks.

UAPP supports both m3u and m3u8.

UAPP supports most meta data tags. Otherwise, it wouldn't be able to populate the Library with albums, artists, etc.

Lyrics and ratings are not supported.

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