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Playlists Problem
Ok, so if the playlists are in Internal Storage\Playlists, then most apps will have no idea how to find the tracks which are in a different folder. Can you please open such a playlist (as a text file) and let me know what the first lines look like)?

I'd appreciate if you could elaborate on 'poor navigation'. Basically, the Library tabs etc. work like any other music player.

We have no plans to update the UI unless someone tells us very specifically what is wrong with it and how it could be improved. Please note that this is personal preference as we gets lots of praises for the UI as well.
Rating support will come, although I prefer to have a like/dislike button, instead of an ugly 5-star widget. Furthermore, what is the point of rating a track 1 or 2 stars out of 5 since you would probably never listen to the track if you would filter or sort on it. Same goes for 4 and 5.

We don't know where to get lyrics from or what the common format or formats are or if you want to lyrics to scroll with the song. Perhaps you can shed some light.

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