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Shield TV - randomly stops the music
(06-06-2019, 12:34 PM)Sheriff1972 Wrote: Hi,

I have bought the APP have it working very well indeed using my Shield TV and Bit perfect output into a Marantz HD-DAC1.
Davy has been super helpful in assisting me to get things going (even on a Sunday), but he did advise me that some users have the music stop randomly when using the Shield TV. He told me that some people have been able to stop this behaviour by 'disabling voice services' on their Shield, but i am simply don't know how to do this having had a good look over the system menus.

The sound quality is fabulous but the constant, seemingly random stopping of the music is quite a problem for me.
The Shield does not give any visual clues that anything has been triggered (voice or otherwise) to stop the music, so if anyone has any help as to how to get this system working without the interruptions, i would be very grateful.

I like the Shield as it is quiet, fast and well supported by the manufacturer.



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