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systemwide driver
UPnP/DLNA support is already in!
(08-31-2015, 12:22 PM)dwrae Wrote: That's technically impossible (for an app to do).

[Update: When I disable UAPP, the phone plays music through other apps, but there is no way to control the hardware volume and it defaults to 24bit/96kHz. That must be a Samsung thing. It seems UAPP initializes the device in a way that other apps cannot get a signal with volume out.]

dwrae do you think it would be an option for the app to initialize the hardware volume control on a USB dac/amp so that I could use other apps too?

To give context I am using an AQ Dragonfly on a Samsung Galaxy Note 5 stock. USB Audio Player Pro plays fine with this. The OS detects the device and actually shows the selected audio path as the dragonfly (and I can switch it between the phone and the USB device). However the dragonfly output is blank for any other app though the LED changes color to indicate the incoming bit-rate making me think it does get output and just needs the device volume changed. I did try playing some music with UAPP and then trying a different app but that doesn't work so perhaps it is not that simple.

On some occasions UAPP doesn't seem to initialize the device properly and says that it has no hardware volume control. When this happens other apps play audio through the dragonfly but the volume is at a relatively low setting and cannot be increased since Android doesn't actually change the hardware volume but just it's software mixer volume.

I hope this makes sense. It would be great if there is someway UAPP could handle this or a new app just for volume control is possible.

What do you think?

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