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systemwide driver
Hello, USB Player Pro is one of the best apps I have seen for a long time. But, there is one thing. Is it possible to create a driver that works for all players and system audio (Poweramp, Spotify, Youtube,..)? Thanks :)
That's technically impossible (for an app to do).
(08-31-2015, 12:22 PM)dwrae Wrote: That's technically impossible (for an app to do).

Oh okey :( So I think CM11, CWM and ROOT change nothing in this limitations, right?
(08-31-2015, 12:22 PM)dwrae Wrote: That's technically impossible (for an app to do).

hmm ... Max across at Poweramp has been mentioning the evolution towards a plugin architecture. Whether this evolves to a clean set of API's to support the audio driver engine is the moot point.

The Poweramp GUI and USB Audio Player Pro audio engine would be a match made in heaven.

The other option is for the good folk at eXstream to enhance their existing UI on the product and support tablet and TV displays.

I wouldn't hesitate to pay $25+ for an Android player of this calibre.  This is a fraction of the cost of my DAC and D-class amplification gear.

We can expose a service to other apps to play their music through (by file links). You could use PowerAMP if they would be willing to use it.
Why don't you publish an API ... and see who comes to the table.

You already have peformance leadership in your sector ... presenting a performance step-up for a number of the existing and well entrenched Android players (especially in lights of the large number of portable DAC's that are coming onto the marketplace and boom in headphone listening) can only help your bottom line.

Did a quick search ... this is the API section of the Poweramp forum.

Without drilling too deep, it only seems to offer GUI functionality for skin developers.

Maksim Petrov (the Poweramp developer) seems to monitor this forum ... so suggest you reach out and see what he says.

It is the other way around, PowerAMP must use our service, not the other way around (which is not possible)
While a driver is not possible, system wide hardware amplification is, which is worthwhile supporting in itself.

I currently use this workaround after connecting the Dragonfly:
1. Start audio playback on max hardware volume in USB Audio Player PRO
2. Exit the app with the backbutton. (Maybe it's necessary to still have running in the background or as service)
Enjoy hearing better audio in any app e.g. when watching a video.

It has to be repeated every time the DAC/Amplifier is connected.
The audio is not as good as when playing music from USB Audio Player PRO

Automatically amplify the system-wide volume (with a hidden service?) when the hardware is available.
I second the "I'd easily pay $25 for this driver to be used across Android". I already paid $8 for the app just to get the driver.

Everyone has a favorite, for an Android-only solution, I like GoneMad Music Player. For a cross-platform solution, MediaMonkey is what I use as my main library on Windows and sync to Android (I stress everyone has their favorite and please don't take this as a challenge to others to go off topic about why their favorite is better - I fully respect everyone's preferences).

It takes a lot of $ to build a killer music player UI and UAPP, while it works and most importantly has the settings to tune the driver, clearly has decimated others with respect to sound quality.

@Dwrae - I read your notes that others have to talk to UAPP, which is fine. Can you guide us towards how to describe what other players have to do to play through UAPP? I'm not asking you to do any work, just tell us what we need to do to build a grass-roots effort to campaign other players to use your service or maybe even white-label your technology as paid add-in.

You're the best - and when DAC player companies say you're the best, that says something (check out Moon Audio and other high-end USB audio folks). Heck, I've spent $2k on a DragonFly Red, JH Audio IEMs, and Mood Audio Black Dragon cables to play FLAC through my Android. $25, heck - $50, would be so worth ensuring I'm not getting mediocre sound from my rooted Android (Marshmallow).

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