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setting folders to scan
I have a Samsung s4 using with a just purchased oppo ha-2. I use poweramp for mp3. The usb audio player pro automatically scanned all my mp3 files along with the flac files i have in a separate folder. Is it possible to point this at selected folders only? so i can use this for just the flac files?


Actually, UAPP does not really scan itself. It uses the Android media database for the artist/album sections. If you want to use a specific folder only, I'd suggest using the Local Folder option and pointing that to your flac files.
thanks, that will do it. Had to have a hunt through android file system to find the ext sd card, for any one else looking it is not under sdcard (where you would reasonably expect it) but under storage, which gives you the ext sd card option, and from there your folders...
Just this minute installed 2.2 and I'm having a little problem as well with choosing a default folder. I've dumped a load of other folders containing albums (mix of mainly flac/mp3) into one folder 'Music'. When I choose 'Local folder, long press on the Music folder and play all, it just displays and plays one album (which in itself is in a folder), it doesn't seem to see/scan the other folders.
And if I get this working can this local folder stay as default?

Just noticed from the previous, that UAPP does not scan itself, do I need to do something in the Android media database? If so...jeez
When using 'Play all', it will only fill a couple of entries in the playlist and will add them automatically at the end while songs are being played.

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