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Change between USB Midi and Android Micro
I am a new User of   Audio Evolution Mobile and so far I was very happy doing mulltitrack recordings with the Android Micro (Galaxy Note 9). Now I bought a USB OTG cable and plugged in my I Rig 37 keyboard and it works very well too. But once I have plugged in the keyboard I can't do any recordings with the Android Mic - when I hit the record button it does record but the track remains empty. Is there any way to switch between the two imput modes? Thanks!
It sounds like Android sees the iRig as USB audio device. What you can try is enable the Android Developer Options (tap 7 times on the build number in Android settings -> About), then enable the developer options and enable 'Disable USB audio routing'.

I´m curious whether it worked or not, because I am having a similiar issue.

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