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Sampling frequency question
Hello. I just bought UAPP to play music from Tidal. I'm running it on Google Pixel 3 connected to Cambridge Audio Dacmagic 100. I'm not good at sampling frequecy and all theory... Can somebody tell me if what I see in UAPP (about frequeny) is correct behaviour or something is wrong? For different types of songs I can see:
USB DAC: 88.2kHz  MQA  FLAC:44.1kHz
USB DAC: 96kHz  MQA  FLAC:48kHz
USB DAC: 96kHz  MQA  FLAC:96kHz
USB DAC: 96kHz  MQA  FLAC:192kHz
Why USB is twice FLAC frequency in first two cases?
Why USB frequency is not 192kHz in last case?
The MQA decoder always outputs 88.2 or 96kHz, regardless whether the track has an unfoldable sample rate. A MQA decoder never outputs higher than 96kHz because that's the job of a MQA renderer. A MQA renderer inside a USB DAC could further unfold it to higher frequencies.

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