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Bugs in removing songs from queue/playlist
Hi, could you fix bug that happens most of the time when removing songs from queue?

For example I added 70 song playlist to queue and then long tapped tracks 2-16 to remove them. This is what happened:
1. time removed all tapped ones except tracks 6 and 16
2. time removed all tapped ones except track 4
3. time removed all tapped ones correctly

If queue has only 10 or less songs this problem doesn't seem to occur but when I had queue of 10 long songs in 24Bit 96khz, even more weird bug occured:
I tapped tracks 2-9 to be removed but app removed only tracks 2,4,6,8 and 10.

Same problems happen in playlist view but in this view bugs seem to occur only when playlist is playing.
For example I tap to remove songs 2-20 from the 2000 track playlist, this worked well. However, when I did same test so that I pressed track 1 playing first, app removed all tapped tracks except track 8 and sadly also removed track 21 that I didn't want to remove.

Sometimes has occured also that app is showing info (name, length etc) of wrong track and after that song queue stopped playback. This doesn't happen often and I don't know whether it happens when removing following tracks from the queue, moving playing track's location in the queue or after adding new tracks to queue during playback.

Whatever is reason for these bugs, its very frustrating if app removes song that you didn't want to remove. Due to these problems, I have had to update my 2000 track playlist by removing songs one by one to avoid unwanted tracks to be removed.

I use playlists a lot so I wish these bugs could be fixed.

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