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Over-driving my dac/amp?
Hi! this is the best app for listening to music.  I'm a set it and forget kind of guy and all the other other competing apps feel like they're designed to be play things instead of a tool to get to the music.  I wish I had discovered this long ago.

I have a question regarding the balance sliders.  When I first launched the app I noticed that they were not set to their highest level.  When I moved them up to their highest setting, I was able to get more volume out of the master volume slider.  However, it occurred to me that the initial setting may have been a 100% level and that I'm now over-driving the dac/amp.  Unfortunately, there aren't any level indicators therefore I can't return it's original setting.  My question is, should those two volume/balance sliders be set to max or should I reset them to their default positions by deleting the cache?

Second question, really a request, can we have numerical values for the hardware volume?  It doesn't need to be in decibels or anything fancy.  Just something that lets us know where we are so we can get back to the level if the volume gets changed.

Thanks again for the great app!
The volume levels are reduced at first use of the DAC by around -15dB to prevent people from blowing their equipment or ears. It is not a right or wrong position and you shouldn't return to it. Instead, you should set it to where you want them to be. In all the 300+ USB audio interfaces I have seen, there hasn't been a single one where you could drive it over 0dB, so it cannot cause distortion.

If the hardware volume screen shows two (or more) sliders, then the app will move the first L/R pair.

Not all DACs confirm to the standard regarding the volume control, but we'll try to add the dB values in future.
"there aren't any level indicators"

There is a peak meter, when you are playing music press the 3 vertical bars (looks like a spectrum) in the top right corner, this will show the peak meter, the red being anything over 0dBFS
The peak will also remain at its highest point so u can keep checking back there to see if anything has clipped.

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