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How to fully use quad dac in lg g7 thinq(the same dac a s v30)
I bought an app some time ago. And I didn't figure out how to make it work properly.
What setting I need to have in app. To fully decode mqa with lg dac to fully unfold the mqa. In app usb audio player pro connected to external dac/amp
To be specific aune s6 pro via usb.
I mean unfold further than 96/24 bit. I know that this app gives an ability to do this but what exact setting I need to have turn on and which I do not need. Can anyone help with that?
The app does the first MQA unfold if you have done the MQA in-app purchase and enabled bit-perfect. Only a MQA renderer inside a USB DAC can do the 2nd unfold. I don't think the Aune does MQA rendering, so you can only get the first unfold (which is the most important).

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